How To Talk About Christianity With Non Believers

Practically every follower of Christianity either has a friend or family who is a non-believer. It is natural that these non-believers would have questions about Christianity. Here is how you can talk about Christianity with a non-believer.

  1. Explain the origin of your faith in Christianity to the non-believer. Let the person know when you began following Christianity and what caused you to do so.
  2. Explain the basics of Christianity to the non-believer. Many non-believers will not have correct knowledge about what it is to be a Christian or to believe in Christ. Clear up any confusion that the non-believer may have about Christianity.
  3. Answer any questions the non-believer may have about Christianity. The non-believer will definitely have some questions about Christianity and your faith in Christ. Be open to any and all questions the non-believer may have.
  4. Know your Bible. The Bible is a rather large part of following Christianity. Be knowledgeable about what the Bible states about God, religion, Christ and other topics. This will help you answer questions the non-believer may have as well as strengthen your own faith.
  5. Tell the non-believer about your church life. Going to church is another part of following Christianity. Give the non-believer information about your particular church. Tell them about your priest or minister as well as the congregation itself.
  6. Never force Christianity on the non-believer. The worst thing you can do is to try to force your beliefs on the non-believer. It will more likely than not turn the non-believer away from Christianity.
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